For this years bake-off you can add your unique twist to chocolate cakes and lemon drizzle cakes, along with the return of a festival classic, the honey cake. Or try your hand at bread, jam or a honey based preserve. For our junior bakers there is the opportunity to decorate a gingerbread lady with your own special style in keeping with this years suffragette theme.

Sutton on Trent Bake off Categories (All ages)

Class 31: Lemon Drizzle Cake – Own recipe with a creative twist. Can be baked as round or as a loaf. Include an additional flavour, e.g. poppy seeds, cardamom etc.

Class 32: Chocolate Cake – Own recipe with a creative twist. Can be baked round or as a loaf. To include a chocolate filling and chocolate topping.

Class 33: Honey cake – Recipe provided. Bake as a loaf.

Class 34: 1 loaf of Bread (handmade, not bread machine)

Class 35: 5 Scones – sweet or savoury – own recipe

Class 36: 1 x 1lb Jam – own recipe

Class 37: 1 x 1lb Lemon Curd – own recipe

Class 38: 1 x 11b Honey Preserve – own recipe


Children’s Bake 0ff Ages 0-5 & 6-11

Class 39: Best decorated Cupcakes x 3

Class 40: Best decorated gingerbread lady


Honey Cake Recipe:

280g (10oz) SR flour, 170g (6oz) Honey, 113g (4oz) butter or margarine, 113g (4oz) sultanas, 2 medium eggs, a pinch of salt.

Pre heat oven to 150c, 300f, Gas mark 4 (adjust for your oven)

Method: Cream the butter and honey. Beat the eggs and add them alternately with the sifted flour and salt (saving a little flour to add later with the sultanas). Beat. Add a little milk if needed. Fold in sultanas and remaining floor and stir well. Pour into a prepared 180mm (2lb) loaf tin and bake for approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour